Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 318: A Walk With Abbey...

Our new dog, Abbey, and I took a long ramble today. We left Angel at home because she was more interested in hanging out with the girls than wander off with me. Angel is good that way: she knows that it is her job to watch over the girls.

If one of the girls wander down to a neighbor's place, Angel will sit on the deck, eyes peeled for her return. She won't move from her perch. She just stares off into the woods.

Abbey is still very much the puppy--without all those responsibilities that first owned dogs have. Abbey has a sweet, sweet personality. She obeys better than her more impish elder dog. And Abbey is still enough of a puppy that she stays close at hand; she knows her place in the pack. She seems to know that danger lurks out there. Best to stay close.

We took off on this fine November day. Warm, with just a subtle suggestion of a chill in the air. It is getting green again. New shoots of grasses everywhere. The leaves have all changed color. This is my third November up here already (time flies!). All the months have their own charm. November is good because of the change of color to vibrant green.

I'm still not much of a fan of the winter rains though. November is bittersweet that way. Take advantage of this!, she seems to cry. It is much like eating the last chocolate chip cookie--knowing that the goodness is gone.

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