Friday, November 19, 2010

Day 323: Down the Canyon with Collier

The dogs and I again headed out this morning. Hoping to beat the rain (which we did). We were gone a couple of hours just doting along. How nice to take the time just to enjoy a walk with the dogs. I bring along rice cakes to use as bribery. My way of coaxing the dogs back on the leash or away from trying to dig up a gopher.

Collier's book? Read three fourths of it last night. Alas, the guy is just too much of a humanist for my tastes. He fully admits that he sees nature as being made for human benefit. And then he quotes scripture to back it up. He fully admits our dominance over the planet. Consider this awful, but honest, quote:

"Biodiversity is a good thing, but within the context of our survival, not as an end in itself. We are not here to serve nature; nature is here to serve us".

Although the book does give some interesting possibilities--leaving room for other species, conservation and all those good goals are not something he wants to push. It is like he can't think of any other way of living. And I appreciate his concern for the Bottom Billion. But I cannot fathom why such concern cannot also be transferred to other species and bio systems.

Humans First! is Collier's cry. Manage Nature. Sorry Mr. Collier--Nature Always Bats Last.

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