Monday, November 22, 2010

Day 326: Cold...

Cold as can be in the Napa Valley today. And this is supposed to continue for a bit. We could see snow up at the cabin.

I headed out this morning sans hat or mittens. The wetness of the coldness making it a rather unpleasant experience. Winter sneaks up on you sometimes. Catches you unprepared. The old expression: "There is no bad weather---just bad clothes" is meant for people who haven't moved to a sunnier and warmer climate. When I left Minnesota years and years ago, it was with the hope of never, ever being cold again.

So I dream of creating a life where I can live in the warm, desert southwest for these rain-soaked, cold months. And then home to the cabin for spring, summer and fall. Ten years from now, that is what I hope to be doing.

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