Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day 320: Roughing It?

Slept in the Monastic Dorm; up early and out for coffee and a walk through a vineyard. Warm. Beautiful. I can't take a picture, as Kylie is spending the week doing an outdoors/wilderness experience with her sixth grade class. She has the camera for the week.

Of course, Kylie will have more amenities in her wilderness experience than she has at home. She will have a real bed. She will have hot water that comes out of a faucet. She won't have to heat water on the stove to do dishes or take a bath. She will have unlimited electricity. She will have a heating system in her cabin.

Roughing it is a relative term.

Or as Thoreau said: "Man is rich in proportion to the number of things he can afford to leave alone".


Woodswalker said...

Good quote! And good luck with the girls when they get to be teenagers and HAVE to wash their hair everyday. What a lesson it would be for my granddaughters if they had to heat the water themselves for each shower instead of just draining a whole hot-water-heater each time they do.

Allan Stellar said...

I wish we had opportunities for teenagers to spend summers on a farm. Or in the wild. I think this outdoor education program, which is run by our public school, is a good thing. Somehow we need to train a new eco-minded generation that can enjoy the outdoors. Parents aren't doing the job--only 8 percent of 9 to 12 years olds went camping, hiking or to the beach last year. Could even be lower than that---as the numbers have been dropping for the last thirty years.

I'm sure you do your bit for the next generation Woods...