Monday, November 8, 2010

Days 309 to 312: A Lucky Man

I'm in the Napa Valley---doing what I do here. I take a daily walk with the people I serve. I've also been spending time in the gym with these folks.

I've always been lucky with finding interesting work. My Manager told me today that they decided to fund my new position for the next year. Seems they are happy with my performance. I am extremely lucky to have this job. Doing consults, taking walks with clients, doing a group or two in the evening, farting around with a Wii (have you ever tried to teach a schizophrenic to use a Wii?)---all this, lets me use my strengths and experience. I use my humor. My charisma. I no longer have a patient load---I don't spend hours charting meaningless information. I feel more like a consultant than anything.

I'm a lucky man

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