Friday, November 5, 2010

Days 308 and 309: Manzanita Walks...And I Ponder a Run for the Assembly in 2012

On my walks yesterday and today, you can tell the Manzanita berries are in season. The seeds are found in scat all over the place. Being an Omnivore myself, I ate some. Not much berry to it. And the seeds are like pebbles when chewed. Difficult for my fractured and aging neglected teeth to chew. Not much taste to the berry either---which probably means the berries are good for you.

Of course the weather is totally awesome. Been sunny and near eighty degrees all week.

And I've been in an e-mail discussion with a prominent Lefty journalist in the area. I wrote him telling him that from looking at the Butte County election data, Dan Logue is vulnerable. Dan Logue is the guy who wrote Proposition 23. He is a nasty Climate Change Denier (and because of those convictions) who admittedly wrote the Prop because he believes Climate Change is a hoax. Prop 23 was turned down overwhelmingly by California voters. Dan Logue got 52 percent of the vote in Butte County. Proposition 23's "No" vote came in at 56 percent.

The Democrats ran a perennial non-candidate against Dan Logue. A sacrificial lamb. This candidate didn't pursue any campaign against Dan Logue: he didn't meet with editorial boards; no signs; no speeches; a campaign consisting of just having a name on the ballot.

Given that the "No" vote got such a high percentage in this very conservative district, I think a Dem/Green candidate might do well. My Journalist friend suggested that I run against Dan Logue as an Enviro candidate. I'm thinking of doing just that. There are, by far, other people who would be a better candidate than I am, but thus far, they just haven't come out of the Greenwork.

Time to attend some local Democratic meetings, I think.

Take a look at this video of Dan Logue, and you will see why this guy must have a real Green Candidate run against him.


lph said...

Go for it Allan.

I would assume the best way to rid oneself of cynicism is try to fix what one doesn't like.

The local political scene could be a good place to start.

Let me know where and when I can send my campaign contribution.


Curtis L. Walker said...

Start Now. I am an alternate on the Nevada County Democratic Central committee, a 2008 Obama National Delegate and I know of no candidate running yet for Logue's seat as Democrat. Ben Emery is kicking around how he will run again (ran as Green but really an Independent) and I advised him to start the day after the election, too. Get the Democrats in each County in CA-04 behind you as a Democrat running and you will do OK. I have a few connections. Green , in my opinion, is automatically an "up a cliff" not just a wall type run. Sorry, but that is the two party system for you.

I have a blog (see below) and you can see my political stripes.

Good luck in your decision.

Allan Stellar said...

Thanks for the advice Curtis. I don't know who Ben Emery is---been only living here the last couple of years--but I would love to see someone take on Logue and put some effort into it. Of course, I'd much rather see someone other than me take him on.

Tried to look at your blog, but didn't get it to load properly....

And thanks for the encouragement Larry (and the offer of a check)!