Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 319: Name That Chicken...

On a warm sunny day, when absolutely nobody should have to be in a car, I drove to the Napa Valley to earn some money. This was a record breaking day of heat for northern California. The year 2010 that is (so far) the hottest in the last 137 years world-wide. This despite an actual decrease in solar energy from the sun.

Every once and awhile I put up one of those poll things. Mostly they are ignored by folks; I find them kind of fun. I don't think I've ever written about our last remaining chicken's name.

This chicken is quite the survivor--as five of his peers became coyote chow. The last chicken almost became lunch for a coyote, but at the last minute I chased God's canine away. I got within about ten feet of the coyote before he turned away---just a few elusive feet away from the chicken. Our chicken let out a god-awful squawk which got my attention in the first place.

So indulge me and take a guess at the chicken's name. I'll give the answer in a few days.

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