Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bad Clothes...

Another cold storm blew in this morning. The winds are raging. Snow level is supposed to drop to 1,500 feet (we live at around 2,000 feet). Took the dogs out into the howling wind and rain. Cold. I wore my nylon hiking pants (couldn't find the long underwear to warm up the ensemble a bit). The result was a cold, wet, awful, hypothermic walk.

Last night I trundled off to Paradise to attend the Paradise Ridge Democratic Club. Around 12 people were there: they were glad to see a "youngster" at the meeting. I was, by far, the youngest in the crowd. When asked why I came, I said: "Cause I'm sick of Dan Logue".

Dan Logue is our California Assemblyman. He is part of the new breed of Republican: anti-science, pro-business, anti-any-taxes, anti-collective bargaining, denies climate change. In his first term as Assemblyman he wrote Proposition 23 which tried to undue California's climate protection legislation. He also is against solar energy. Dan Logue takes Koch brothers money (they are the ones who helped him write Prop 23). The Wall Street Journal looks to Logue for quotes weekly. Logue has ascended to Minority Whip status (amazing given his inexperience in the California Assembly); they are grooming him for Wally Herger's seat in Congress. As if that wasn't horrid enough, he is trying to reduce the amount that California pays SSI recipients. Take money from the disabled and give it to (what he calls) the "productive sector".

Logue is leading a group of California legislators to Texas as an attempt to bring Texas style legislation to California to make it more "business friendly". Why not go all the way and take his legislative crew to some barbaric third world state where there is absolutely no concern for the poor or the environment? Texas is an awful model. Poor schools. Poor, poor people. Mountain Lion are considered "varmints" in Texas: they can be shot on sight without penalty.

This guy needs to be stopped.


lph said...


I would agree with your assessment and even go one step further: the entire Republican party needs to be stopped. They are out of control, and all are doing their best to destroy the middle class.

Take care,

tomtoak said...

Larry: You have a lot of great stuff here. I'll follow your site.
I actually am into walking in the woods all of the time as I own some acreage that abuts 8,500 acres of protected land. My dog is a cocker spaniel that is a constant companion. I track my mileage when walking in the woods on a web site built for that purpose by the Lawrence Berkley Lab. Just google walk across America and you can find it.


Allan Stellar said...


You are on the front lines for stopping those who would want to discontinue the Progressive Age. I look forward to the Supreme Court election on April 5. T


Welcome friend. Oh the joys of just taking a walk with a dog. Is there anything more pleasurable?

I took a peek at your site: You are a retired forester? Oh, I'd love to take a walk with you and ask about a gazillion questions....