Tuesday, March 8, 2011


A walk around Calistoga this morning. Coffee. Ibuprofen. Attempts at removing this ax I have lodged in the middle of my forehead. You see, turning Fifty only happens once every Fifty years: Best celebrated with a couple of good friends at a classy Inn while drinking a few wheat ales washed down with single malt Scotch. The good stuff.

Fun. But I'm happy turning Fifty only happens once. At least no ribs were broken during the celebration.


lph said...


The day after my 50th last year I laid around the house all day. My wife was an angel and let me rest my old head. I tried to party like I was 30 and I paid dearly for it. Don't believe I have even come close to that much imbibing since.

Glad you enjoyed your day...

greentangle said...

Welcome to the 2nd half century--it's all cobwebs from here on out. ;-)