Saturday, March 5, 2011

First Spring Flowers...

What a weird year! Finally, the first wildflowers are up. I haven't seen a robin yet. Joni says she has seen a few but they seem shy and avoidant of us. Other years, I've seen robins in January. All week I've had my eyes peeled; looking for the bird of spring.

The turkey vultures have been active. I read in a book last night that sometimes they will take live prey. First time I've read that.

And our apricot tree bloomed, at least, six weeks early. Since we've had hard freezes since then, that crop is probably doomed. Plus the tree bloomed before the bees were out of hibernation. Kylie heroically volunteered to go pollinate the trees with a q-tip. She didn't get around to doing her good intentions.

The last two days I've heard bees finally buzzing about.

Angel was penitent today after carousing off yesterday. She stuck close to my side during our three mile long, loop walk.

Two more days until I turn Fifty. Looks like I might make it to that milestone.

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