Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Nuthatch...

I imported a cold when I returned to Concow. Yesterday was spent doing the Nyquil thing. Take Nyquil every six hours with a cup of Emergen-C. My standard protocol to deal with a cold. It leads to multiple hours of naps--which leads to fighting off the bug.

Today a Nuthatch flew into one of our picture windows. I looked outside and she was dazed and unable to move. She let me hold her; pet her. As she groggily came back to life, I took her into the house and we watched TV for awhile. The Nuthatch seemed to like MSNBC.

Life returned to her little by little. At first she couldn't close her beak. Then she could. Then she could only extend one wing. Then she began to turn her head. Then she was able to hop. Joni went and got an old ornamental bird cage and we put her into that for awhile.

The dogs looked at her. Our cat was a bit upset that we wouldn't let her at the bird.

When the Nuthatch could flutter around the little cage, we took her outside. Joni and I watched her fly off to a branch of an oak tree.

I wonder if this Nuthatch will remember me? Will she remember the warm fire, the way I pet it's feathers? Will she remember this as she visits our feeders? I'd like to think I made a new friend today.


Woodswalker said...

Thanks for your lovingkindness toward that little bird.

greentangle said...

Good job, Allan. Hope your Nuthatch comes back to visit.