Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wind and Rain...

Back to the "off grid" home last night. The increases in gas prices have resulted in a noticeable decrease in traffic.

Took the dogs out into the wind and rain and did the "Long Loop". Last Saturday night we had sixty mile an hour winds. The winds continue to blow today. Lying in my bed, I'd listen to the wind and wonder if the house was going to stay standing. It is quite satisfying to have a house that you designed and built endure a windstorm. It also is quite frightening. The house made it in tact. Nothing blew away.

Trees have been downed everywhere. The tree in the photo is what I encountered on our walk. Locals carry chainsaws in their pick up trucks to handle the hazards. Self-reliance. It makes for an adventurous walk to ever be looking up--waiting to dodge mortality. Butte County lost one percent of its almond trees last Saturday. Looks like more will be lost this week.

And the snow pack is 160 percent of normal this year. All the reservoirs are full and are actively discharging water. Flood advisories are in effect. Feast or famine when it comes to water. Ever more dangerous storms, erratic weather, droughts and bursts of rain---all of it indicating climate change for the attentive.

Lots of wildlife on the walk today. I came face to face with a black tailed deer, but didn't have the camera ready to go. Angel stirred him up but didn't give too much of a chase. I saw a flock of young turkeys. Abbey, who ignored the deer, did manage to root out a covey of California quail. I have yet to see a Robin (which is highly unusual). The Stellar Jays are still hanging around; still too much snow for them in the higher elevations.

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Amanda said...

Hi Allan,

Sounds like your weather is like ours...lots of big rain and wind, thunder and lightening. Hope you're staying dry! We are, mostly, though we have some leaks to work out in our new house.