Saturday, March 19, 2011

We Were Right...

Another storm rolled in yesterday. Another wet walk. Another war in the Middle East.

And another nuclear catastrophe in Japan. Guess nuclear power ain't as safe as all the current boosters are saying. So we have another oil war in the Middle East and another nuclear plant disaster where the verdict is out as to just how far the desolation zone will extend. The only good news from Japan is that there isn't too much more bad news. Other than the radioactive lettuce 65 miles away from the plant.

Here's a hint for America: Conservation and Renewables. Now! It is the same message the Granola Greens have been promoting for thirty years. Hasn't it become apparent just how right the Granola Heads were? We were right about energy. We were right about food. So be proud fellow Green Refugees after Thirty Years of Corporate Growth Economics: You led the way by example.

Get out that "No Nukes" T-Shirt. Head out to the Farmers' Market. Turn away from conspicuous consumption. Put in a garden. Quit your job to work part time (work to live rather than live to work). Use that credit card for something constructive: like solar panels or a solar hot water heater. Ride your bike. Volunteer. Go for a walk. Say hello to your neighbor. Tithe.
Take joy in identifying a new flower or bird. Boycott the Mall.

The message is the same now as it was in 1979. The only difference is that we know we were right back then. And the destruction gets worse every year. The alternative already exists: all we need to do is live it!


Woodswalker said...

Amen, Allan, amen!

Allan Stellar said...

Amen Woods!

Hopefully the Green Movement will gain energy from all of this greedy silliness going on. Time to live our politics ever more boldly, ever more assuredly, ever more simply and with ever more moral conviction.

Belinda said...

yay Allan!!! you tell 'em boss! seriously though i agree long are we going to continue to destroy our planet and each other?