Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Manic Monday

I work every Monday and Tuesday. Mondays are always hard cause I get up early; drive 165 miles; shower; work; do all my laundry; sleep in the Monastic Dorm. Walks are taken with the patients (which I managed to do twice yesterday).

And Tuesdays? Up for coffee and a walk (usually in Calistoga). Work (getting my walks in with patients). And then drive 167 miles home. Since I leave the hospital at around 10 pm, I make this my weekly dose of seeing a city. The traffic is much less congested at night; makes the experience more pleasant, even enjoyable. I drive down passed San Pablo Bay--take the Interstate from Fairfield to Sacramento---and then up a couple of old fashioned Highways (the best way to travel by car) to my Off Grid home. Once a week I get to see a city skyline by driving passed Sacramento. Reminds me how much I hate urban living.

The whole Napa Valley is drenched in rain. Driving yesterday I drove passed a fairly severe landslide that closed one lane of the road. Trees are down everywhere. The hospital I work at was on generator power for most of the past two days. And it is expected to keep raining until, at least, the weekend.

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