Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Walk #286: Bulldozers...

A reader of this blog wrote me a few months ago about the proper way to disable a bulldozer. He found that aquarium sand, in the crank case, works the best. This fellah lives in a beautiful area that is being developed. He considered such actions a moral imperative.

I didn't disable this bulldozer on my walk. I don't know what the owner's intentions are--other than to clear off some manzanita. Seems to me the proper way to clear brush is with a saw.

The storm is passed. We survived. The mud on the house didn't melt away.

Tomorrow is a blogger event (see the little bug to the right that leads to a link). Some 7,000 plus bloggers are going to write about climate change. I got invited by an organisation to write an entry for them on the impact of climate change on "humans". I respectfully declined.

In the United States, the human impact thus far has been negligible. However, the Grizzly in Montana are in danger of going extinct because of climate change. Also, Moose in northern Minnesota have suffered huge reductions in their numbers due to climate change. The impact, thus far, has been on our non-human cousins.

But tomorrow, I will write about climate change (as will thousands of others). I'm no expert. I've read McKibben; saw Gore's movie; read Lovelock. I accept climate change is real. And dangerous. And caused by human activity.

Which leads me back to the bulldozer...and my entry for tomorrow. First, I have to take that walk...

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Ian Woofenden said...

So little time to ride -- my least favorite part about the workshops. Last night we did the 1.7 mile RT to the resort and back for the evening session, with some music (me) and ping pong (Alex) afterwards.
Today we'll get some more miles in