Monday, October 26, 2009

Walk #299: Bees, Ghouls, Corpses and Foreign Policy

Home to Concow. Picked up the girls at school. They were quite proud to show me a macarbe scene for Halloween. A pumpkin head will finish the corpse.

And a walk, cut short by a swarm of bees. Aggressive little fellers. I don't know if we have killer bees yet here in Concow, but these bees were quite aggressive. Even Angel wouldn't go too close to the oak tree that holds the hive (which you can see if you look at the photo closely).

So Angel and I turned around and went back to the Homestead, where a string of Ghouls enchants the entrance to our house.

Pushed the wrong button and ended up loading another photo of the bees. Danger.

I got hit by a large male client yesterday. He hit me with a closed fist on the side of the head. Hard. Rang my bell for a few minutes.

I liked my reaction though: I just told him "No" and didn't reflexively strike back. I got out of the way.

On a larger scale, I wonder if such reactions to violence aren't more successful? Just say No! Get out of the way. Be safe. Spending trillions of dollars in Iraq and Afghanistan out of revenge for a horrible act on 9/11, ultimately, is as counter productive as striking a Client who struck me.

Danger. These bees are dangerous. I shall give them a wide berth. Perhaps our foreign policy should do the same?


Woodswalker said...

Hear! Hear! How sad and terrifying that our foreign policy is like playground punch-backs writ horribly large.

Allan Stellar said...