Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Walks #288-291: Four Doubles...

Sorry about that.

When opportunity knocks, one should capitalize. So when given the opportunity to make an obscene amount of money by working my fanny off, well, count me in.

Four doubles. Four days. Given my rules (no walks on 16 1/2 hour shift days), there is nothing to report.

Thoughts. How to survive a double as a nurse?

First off, consider the time spent as time amongst friends.

Secondly, pace yourself. You have all day to get that charting done.

Thirdly, get most of the "busy" work done early (which goes against the second rule).

Fourthly, remember rule number one.

Fifthly, when the day is done, don't fret about getting to sleep right away. Unwind. Yes, I know it is only a few hours before the next shift, but time to relax is needed. I stayed up until one am watching a JFK special. Another night I staye up reading John Muir. I needed to do that, despite the four hours of sleep it led to. You can sleep when the stint is done. Which is what I will do now...




gary said...

ahhh, the long days. True to the saying "been there done that" i know exactly how you feel after your shift and i agree, sleep you can catch up on after the work and one does need a wind down before the sleep. Did an eight day straight shift a few months ago,decided i had "been there done that" and packed it in....still enjoying both your blogs although i'm afraid i have become an infrequent visitor. Good to see the progress on your house or should i say adobe. Too bad the wine didn't work out or maybe it was the fact the server/winery left a sour taste

Allan Stellar said...

Hi Gary,

Thanks for dropping in. So what are you doing now? Did you retire? Are you gonna join all those other Candadians I bump into who winter in Arizona?

Good to hear from you...