Saturday, October 10, 2009

Walks #281 and #282: Mud

Mostly multiple short walks with the dog while taking a break from making mud. The mud is used as plaster and goes on to this house I'm trying to build.

Thoughts while building this thing? Why do we consider Afghanistan to be a uncivilised nation-- when I see photos of the place, all the buildings are sustainably built and look like what I am trying to build? Does this mean I am uncivilised? Or must every thing come from Home Depot in order for it to be acceptable and modern?


Ian Woofenden said...

No riding the last few days, but much walking. Tonight after my one-day workshop was over, Alex and I went around the block. Afterwards, he said, "Our feet never even touched the ground..." ;-) It's new to him to do 11 kilometer rides.

6.83 miles
11.21 mph average
30.75 mph max

Ian Woofenden said...

Did about 3 miles today. Hard to get to biking in the workshop rush, but I'll keep trying...