Monday, October 12, 2009

Walks #283 and #284: Do Something Stupid...

Time for just a few short "Lollipop" walks over the last couple of days. With the dog. The major push has been on the house--dreaming that someday we will have all walls enclosed.

For motivation to walk, I reread Ed Abbey's "A Walk in the Desert Hills" last night. This can be found in his collection of essays: Beyond The Wall. Essentially, Ed decides to take a walk across 120 miles of desert, not knowing if there would be water in the tinajas (natural basins that capture rain water) and wells, out of shape, musing about grandiose thoughts while dealing with blisters. An impulsive and stupid thing to do. And in an age before cell phones, potentially fatal. Which is why I like it.

Sort of like trying to build a house out of natural materials. Without know how. Without enough money. Without proper tools. Without common sense.

It is the impulsive and stupid things we do, I think, that often brings us our most joy and sense of mastery. Go out and do something stupid today, I say... (just don't get yourself killed while doing it).

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Woodswalker said...

Yes, what the rest of the world calls stupid, may be the wisest thing we ever did.