Thursday, October 1, 2009

Walk #273: Morning in the Napa Valley

Worked a "swing" shift last night. I've been trying to watch the National Park Series on PBS every evening. Last night I had the unenviable job of attempting to get 18 Schizophrenics and Manics to watch the show. Didn't work.

At midnight, in my room in the Monastic Dorm, they replayed it--and I was able to catch part four.

I'm working another Swing shift today (the 3 to 11pm shift) so I took my walk this morning. Bale Lane again. While walking, I thought about the PBS special.

This National Park Series just might bring about a re-awakening of the American Consciousness. Combine that with Michael Moore's new movie on Capitalism--and we just might have a one-two punch of reevaluating our economic and environmental lives. I haven't seen Michael Moore's film yet. But from Ken Burns' National Parks the theme I take away from it is one of : RESPECT.

We all live in a Park. The whole Earth is a Park. We never left the Garden (Park?) of Eden. Where ever we are, that is our Park. Respect it.

The National Park Series motivates me to see my surroundings as a Park. As such, I have decided to add "tidying up a bit" to my walks. So I pick up a piece of trash or two while walking. Not a big thing; but it shows some respect for the Earth.

p.s. As always when in the Napa Valley--photos will be added when I return to the Solar Compound.

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Ian Woofenden said...

Rode to the crossroads with F., and then went on around the block while she went home the easier way. Wet and muddy, so I stayed on the roads. With the newly calibrated speedometer, we know what the block is, except that I was weaving some while with F...

6.92 miles
9.18 mph average
33.83 mph max