Friday, October 23, 2009

Walks #296 and #297: Every EcoSocialist Has His Price

Joni and I were talking this afternoon, trying to figure out how to buy some supplies and how to pay a Handyman we hired. I ended up telling her: "If we build it, the money will come".

I walked inside the cabin to call the Handyman to arrange a meeting. A message bleeped in my ear, so I checked it.

Call work. I did.

"Hi Allan, we are uncomfortable with the inexperienced staff we have working this weekend, so we would like to offer you a bonus if you would work a double on Saturday and Sunday", the Hospital Staffer said. "You will get the normal time and a half and double time--plus an extra bonus".

"How much of a bonus?", I said.

The bonus was enough to force me to drive the three and a half hours to the Napa Valley. My walks tomorrow and Sunday will be on the Unit (given my rules). Work a double shift--no walk.

Assuming I survive the next couple of days, the money has come to get the Handyman to complete what I am too darned inept to do.

"If you build it, the money will come". Every EcoSocialist has his price.


Ian Woofenden said...

Back to riding on my day "off" between workshops. Rode to meditation and to the resort a few times, on C's bike because my tire was flat.

About 15 miles. Felt good.

This week will be hard to ride a lot, because of the commute time between classroom and shop... ;-(

Allan Stellar said...

I wonder how much riding you will get in when the winter rains come?