Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 222: Tomatoes and Revolution

Took my friend on a tour of the Napa Valley. By car. After a fine dinner, I showed her the road that Robert Redford has been seen jogging; then showed her the sunset view from the hospital; followed by a visit to the old Christian Brothers Monastery (which now is a cooking school with the Ace of Cakes guy as a graduate). We then traipsed down to Yountville to show her where The French Laundry is. We admired the glitzy cars parked in their exclusive parking lot.

Rubber necking the haunts of the Rich and Famous. An exercise in triteness.

Of course, all of this is possible because the good people of the Napa Valley decided back in the 1960's to create an "agricultural preserve". They chose to limit their growth. Up valley they had the foresight to have a "no chains" clause---so you won't see a fast food restaurant. Along comes 1976 and the great Paris Tasting, when American wines beat the French, and a new tourist destination was born.

Talk of revolution. Where will it come from? Our stomachs, of course! (The way to most everyone's heart). Good, local food. Organic. Fresh. Tasty. Humane.

Remember Christianity was founded on the principle of a common meal. The Farmers' Market is the new union hall. And heirloom tomatoes are the new Communist Manifesto.

Be a some local goat cheese!

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