Saturday, August 14, 2010

Days 225 and 226: Clay, Death and Sales

More clay slip work. And we lost one more chicken this morning: down to four now.

I sold a feature to the regional alternative weekly yesterday. With photos. This 3,000 word backpacking piece will be inflicted upon a couple hundred thousand good people of northern California by the end of August. I had a good day yesterday.


Woodswalker said...

Congratulations, Allan! If it's the same account of your long hike this summer that you posted on your blog, the readers of that weekly should be delighted.

Allan Stellar said...

Thanks Woods,

This editor is making me work. I had to cut 1,200 words. Change the beginning--make it less chronological and more story like. Joni did a great job of editing the thing. Final copy is due next Thursday. It should see the light of day the week after that.

But I'm happy that three editors enjoyed the piece.

greentangle said...

Congrats on your sale--it's a funny piece.

Save the chickens!

Zeal said...

A bad week for chickens at your homestead. Congratulations on getting your piece picked up!