Saturday, August 21, 2010

Days 231 and 232: Larouchies and Barbies

Off to Napa, yet again. Thursday I drove down and stopped in the small, farming town of Williams. What piqued my curiosity was a petition drive to Impeach Obama. Several large photos of Obama with a Hitler mustache waved in the wind. Quite the curiosity, as several people had stopped. The booth was staffed by Lyndon Larouchites...with several books by their mentor available for sale. When I got there the staffers were whining about hyper-inflation which is just around the corner in their minds.

"Isn't the real danger deflation?" I asked. They looked at me like I was from the moon. A white man in cowboy boots tried to shake my hand for stopping, saying how much he hated Obama. "He's a real socialist!". I grabbed his hand and told him that Obama is no socialist. And by the way, you are shaking somebodies' hand with real socialist tendencies.

Worked Friday. Afterwards Springer had one of his famous barbecues. I showed up with a bottle of the best $4.99 cabernet sauvignon I've ever tasted: Trellis, 2007 Sonoma Valley. If you live close to a Trader Joes, I'd drop in and try a bottle of this stuff. It's as good as a $40 bottle of Cab. It's big. Velvety. Smooth. It has a wonderful nose and is very nuanced. Get a bottle! Get 100 bottles! It's that good.

More on the Trellis. With the bottom falling out of the wine market (and almost every other market), many decent wines are being sold as "second brands". The expensive bottles aren't moving--and rather than drop the price on their elite names, and thereby devaluing their wine, many decent wineries are selling their wine stock to second label companies. If you see a "vinted and bottled by" on the label, it means somebody else made the wine. If the wine says "produced and bottled by", that means the winery on the label actually made that wine. I suspect that Trellis is actually some premium wineries' wine that they just had to get rid of for a very inexpensive price. I'm gonna buy a couple cases of this stuff.

Hunter showed up with three bottles of wine. His goal was to drink the bottles; man-sized flight style. First, the expensive French wine (a chardonnay); then two cheap Chilean bottles (pinot grigio and a sauvignon blanc). We barbecued about two pounds of organic beef with mushrooms, onions and peppers. Warmed up with fresh bread and triple cream brie (from Seattle). I just had a couple glasses of wine and enjoyed the conversation with my buddies. Left after Hunter opened his third bottle.

So I've been taking it easy. Resting a bit. Conserving energy as the Appalachian Trail is just a couple of weeks away.

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