Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Days 227 to 230: The Unexpected...

The past few days are a blur. Financial Wolves howling at the door, I picked up some extra shifts.

Just when you think you are getting your head above water, along comes a flood of some kind or another. A flat tire. And other unexpected expenses. It is much easier to spend money than to make money.

So I worked overtime the past few days. Hardly time to spit.

But I must get outside. This blog reminds me of that. If only to take a short walk and watch a sunset. Or admire the grapes in the Napa Valley.

Down to Napa and back. A short walk with the new pup (Abbey) this morning. Then back for another week long stint tomorrow. Too much time away. I'm already homesick.


Slatts1962 said...

Congratulations on selling your feature! I greatly admire your work and dedication to your craft. Hope you enjoy your new pup.

Allan Stellar said...

Thanks Slatts!!