Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Days 241-242: Mornings Free...

Well, I'm in the Napa Valley--trying to get used to a new job and new hours. My mornings are free now. I keep thinking to myself: "Allan, it'd be good for you to start running". Inertia takes over. I go for a walk instead.

Mostly I go down to a vineyard that I like to walk through. I spent time watching a jackrabbit today; didn't bring the camera. The grapes on the vines are struggling. While the rest of the nation swelters in heat, the Napa Valley has experienced an unusually cold and foggy summer. The grapes are late in developing--and there's much angst amongst the people who grow grapes. This might be a bad year for wine. Or the weirdness of it might make some unusual wines. We won't know for another year for the whites; two to three years for the reds.

New job; new hours: a stress to the body. Stressful for the psyche'. Walks are good. Running might just be better to work out some of this stress.

And the feature, you might ask? I got exactly one e-mail regarding it (so far); a not too friendly one too. A reader took me to task saying that he was local, and he certainly didn't remember any section that one could "fall to their death". He also reminded me that there is water half ways through the 24 mile waterless part (If you leave the trail for a mile or so).

Floods in Pakistan. A hurricane off the East Coast is not behaving properly and might take a tour of the East Coast just in time for Labor Day--ruining many a picnic. Another temperamental Tropical Storm behind the first might add a little insult to the injury. Eaarth, Bill McKibben calls this new planet where unusual weather wreaks havoc with (what used to be) a predictable planet.

With my Appalachian Trail hike at stake: Will we be soggy on that hike if these hurricanes decide to make a visit?

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