Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day #17, #18 and #19: Torrential Rains...

Truth be told, I haven't done much since sleeping on the floor of that Costa Rican airport. The weather has been awful; my great toes have blood blisters underneath their nails. Looks like both nails might fall off. I'll spare you the photos.

Jazmine did make me venture out to see her new "favorite tree". Manzanitas always look good in the rain. Their bark becomes shiny and the dampness brings out their beautiful reddish colors.

And it has been raining. California is socked in with a string of wet and windy storms. So far we've had 7 inches over the last 48 hours. And it is still raining. Winds are supposed to approach 60 miles an hour today. Trees have fallen down all over. It is the sort of weather whereby (if you live in a rural area), you double check to make sure you have ample supplies of beans and rice. Our little bridge that gives us access to our homestead does flood every few years (I'm told). This could be one of those years.

So I've been resting my toes--thinking about what comes next. Just an occasional doggy do duty walk.

The Bible says without a vision the people perish. So what "vision" comes next? How do we build on this great start of this year's outside adventures? I'm toying with the idea of going to Arizona to hike the Bright Angel trail. Although I am a bit tired of being away from home so much. And our budget is a bit tight right now.

I need a February major outside adventure---tricky here in California, due to the awfulness of the rainy season (okay, I'm a wimp). Gotta think on this some more. No, I don't want to snowshoe; I've done that enough. Being cold is no longer on my adventure list. Anybody have any ideas?

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Ian Woofenden said...

Rode down to the store for a pint. Actually, the clerk asked me if I wanted a pint, and I said that my pint was Green & Black's Cherry...

8.19 miles
12.26 mph average
30.16 mph max