Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day #28:Sunny! Howard Zinn and Dunkin Donuts

The last two days have brought something novel in the atmosphere: A view of the Sun! We have had enough rain over the last three weeks (of which I was gone for nine days) to go from way below normal rainfall to 120 percent of normal! Good for the reservoirs; bad for our roof.

Yup. The roof leaked water in our new Addition. Time to bring out the tar. Man vs. Tin Roof.

Outdoor activities? It is impossible to stay inside after three weeks of rain.

Toe status? The second Great Toe's nail fell off. Talk about ugliness.

Computer status? Anyday now for a return of the Gateway.

And Howard Zinn passed away yesterday. I never met the man--but I've certainly appreciated his work. I can't pass by a Dunkin Donuts without thinking of the man. Why? Because Howard Zinn and Noam Chomsky would meet at the local Dunkin Donuts to have coffee. The idea of these two Radicals meeting at a chain Donut Shop for coffee---blows my mind. You'd think they would pick something less corporate; something more high brow that welcomes the intellectual Uniform of Tweed Jackets. Nope. Dunkin Donuts for two of the premier People's Radicals.

I'm betting these two intellectual greats walked to the Donut Shop. I think I'll step out and get a donut and some coffee to celebrate Zinn's memory.


Woodswalker said...

Thanks for that story about Chomsky and Zinn at the Dunkin Donuts. Somehow it just seems right. What a brave and righteous man has gone from the world. But we still have his books, Halleluia!

Ian Woofenden said...

Life is full of contradictions -- Zinn and Chom at DD -- i like it.

About 8 miles today, on R's bike, since my chain was still off. Down to the store and back. Cold without the faring. Harder to pedal a bike without toe clips, and a bit short. But I'm adaptable, to a point...

Ian Woofenden said...

Took my bike to town, after Z fixed the chain and I aired up a totally flat tire this morning pre-dawn. After my appointment, the tire was flat again, so I walked it down to my latest great business find, Nick's bike repair shop in his garage. Left it there for him to fix while I drove to Deming for a photo shoot and got it on the way back. He did a test ride, so a bit of this mileage is his:

15.78 miles
8.63 mph avg (including a bunch of walking with a flat tire, during which I observed that a flat tire on a car leaves you fewer options...)
25.37 mph max