Monday, January 4, 2010

Day #4: The Feather River Falls Hike

Today I invited along a young buck to make a trek with me. Time to see what kind of shape I am in for this Costa Rica adventure. JP and I hiked up to Feather River Falls. This falls is the fifth tallest in the United States. Rarely visited. The hike's description is that it is strenuous. I didn't find it too horrible.

Below is a 2,000 foot granite monolith, such as you would find in Yosemite.

Here I am with JP. JP runs "the Abbey". An experimental, Lutheran intentional community. He is into two things: The Emergent Church and a New Monasticism. JP is married, but lives simply with his family within this Abbey. They focus on health clinics for the poor and providing housing (and community) for those searching for a more authentic Christianity. For you Lutherans out there, JP is to have a cover story in an upcoming issue of "The Lutheran".

We get to the falls. This is the view downstream.

And the falls itself.

This is a fun hike. The trail is well maintained. There are idiot bars at the end to help prevent you from falling to your death.

This was a fine hike with this extraordinary young man. Nice to have a perspective from him regarding baby boomers, the emergent church, technology and living in simplicity.


Woodswalker said...

Sounds like you had a fascinating companion for an absolutely spectacular hike. Congratulations on gaining the strength to accomplish it. Thanks for the wonderful photos.

Katherine Darrow said...

Where is the Falls? Is that near where you live or up in the Columbia River Gorge? Never heard of it....Beautiful though!!!

Allan Stellar said...

Hey Kathy,

The Feather River Falls is located about thirty miles south of us. Up in the hills outside of Oroville. A lovely hike....


lph said...


Oh how I wish I lived in California. Here in Wisconsin it is -2 with relief still a few days away. Not even the dog likes to hike in this weather.


Allan Stellar said...


I can feel your pain. The one sensible thing I ever did was to move to California. :)