Monday, January 18, 2010

Day #9: Flying to Costa Rica...

(Most of the upcoming Costa Rica posts come directly from my journal of the experience)

January 9. I take my backpack to the airport in Sacramento. Flying is not one of my favorite activities. I get the time of the flight wrong, and am at the airport much too early. I thought the flight left at 7:30 am; it actually is scheduled to leave at 9:15. I arrive at the airport at 4 am.
6:00 am- I take a walk around the airport.
7:15 am: Will power fails. I order a bloody mary at an airport bar.
7:45 am: Bloody mary number two.
8:00 am: TSA folks are conducting random searches. They skip me.
9:23 am: In the air, on my way to Phoenix.
9:31 am: Looking out over the Sierra at all the clear cuts of the forest. Flying over the Sierra is the best way to see just how much clear cutting has been done of our grand forests.
9:49 am: I behave! I order orange juice instead of an alcoholic beverage. You can tell the Empire is in decline due to the lack of nuts being served on airlines.
12:20 pm: I am in Phoenix, Arizona. In the bar across from the gate for my flight to Costa Rica. I order a beer.
12:39 pm: I order a second beer. Thoughts of traveling to Costa Rica in Hunter Thompson fashion.
1:30pm: I take a walk around the airport. My pilot walks by with a "Failure Is Not An Option" bumper sticker on his travel case. I feel encouraged.
2:25 pm: The plane leaves the gate.
2:37 pm: The plane returns to the gate. Seems there is a warning light flashing that doesn't allow us to fly.
3:50 pm. In the air on my way to Costa Rica. The warning light was fixed. I decline more booze. Don't want to be any more of an Ugly American than I already am. The flight is full. Lots of Hippies and Surfers on board.
10:00 pm. I arrive at my hotel in Alajuela. Los Volcanes. The hotel man lets me in the locked gate. "Hello Allan", he greets me by name. Very kind. I am the last guest to arrive. I get my room, which is simple and adorable. I share a bathroom with other guests. I fall asleep immediately.

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