Friday, January 1, 2010

Preamble to the Second Year...

Well, that worked out well. I started this thing in order to get me outside more. It worked.

I awoke early this morning with my family still sleeping. Good bye 2009! Hello 2010! Time to announce some intentions for this new year.

Old business: I didn't climb Halfdome last year. Put that on the list for this year. Will this be the year I finally trudge up Mt. Whitney? And how about the John Muir trail?---wouldn't that be fun to do all, or at least a portion there of, with a backpack and a book by the ecstatic, whiskered John Muir? Let's put Bright Angel in the Grand Canyon on the list. And a few other mountains: Mt. Lassen (if they open the trail), Mt. Tallack, Mt. Rose. Redwoods--let's spend more time there. And don't forget the ocean--no year is complete without spending a night or two by the thunderous Pacific.

What else? Keep moving. When you stop moving, you die. Seeing as I would like to cheat the Grim Reaper out of collecting Yours Truly for, at least, another year--I plan on stepping up the activity level. Add more activities. Add more adventures...more trips. Spend even more time outside.

So what to look forward to? More backpacking trips. More time spent in our National Parks, Forests, Deserts, Reserves, State Parks. More nights spent sleeping under the stars. More time spent on the seat of a bike. A float trip or two on a scenic river. More family backpacking trips. More camping trips period. More discoveries of wineries and the folks met along the way.

Time to get back on that bike. Let's put the Wildflower 100 miler on the list. That will be in April.

Let's add some books. Gotta bring along some present and past Masters on these outings.

And it is time to introduce these girls to the wonders of carrying your own pack under the power of your own two feet. Time to include the girls more in these adventures.

So we begin the Second Year. I wonder what will happen? Join me. Let me know of your travels outside.

See you on the trail!


Jackijo said...

That was a very motivating speech. Enough to get me on a walk today and to start my year bird list. Then on to plan new adventures.
Good luck with another year of walks.

Woodswalker said...

Sounds like quite a year ahead, Allan. Keep up the good work, stay strong and healthy, enjoy your wonderful family, and have fun wherever your walks may take you. Happy New Year!

Allan Stellar said...

Thanks Jackijo...or as Socrates might have put it: "A life spent inside is not worth living"... :)


Off we go into another year...thanks!


Sherry said...

Allan thanks for inspiring me to take a step outside!

Allan Stellar said...

You are welcome Sherry... :)

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