Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day Two: Holidays on the Ridge

Joni and Kylie on the Long Loop..

Up the hill...

The girls...

Brought the girls along on the Long Loop today. I put on the book-laden backpack and was happy to have company. A beautiful day here! Unexpectedly sunny. Sixty degrees Fahrenheit.

Being a holiday weekend, many of the cabins that are usually vacant are filled with people. Happens every holiday. People come up from the Bay Area to have their weekend of country living. I see them every year...Angel usually runs over and makes a nuisance of herself. She sees everyone as a friend and has a tendency to be too enthusiastic in her greetings. Makes the City Folk nervous.

Bad dog.

The Folks from the City bring their paranoia with them. One lady, who I see every holiday, wasn't too friendly. She is always working, working, working on her little ramshackle trailer. And then she plasters the property with ugly "No Trespassing" signs--with severe warnings about what will happen should you step foot on her property (prosecution!). PTSD from living in Oakland, I think.

Of course, her best protection for her property is my daily walks with my overly enthusiastic dog. We keep an eye on things. No need for loud obnoxious signs. I'm not sure she sees things that way, given her grumpiness towards Angel and my family on our walk today.

And those signs? What will happen to them? A beautification project is in order.

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