Friday, February 5, 2010

Day #36: Forgetting...

I forgot to bring my camera to the Napa Valley.

And having only worked one day this year thus far, I had to try and remember how to be a Psych Nurse. Funny how quickly we lose skills when they aren't used. I also noticed that it has been around a month since I've actually talked with a psychotic person. I think most of us probably go through life and never really talk to someone who is not connected to reality. Today, I noticed just how strange this profession that I work in truly is; it all seemed odd. When you work in this gig a whole lot, psychotic behaviors and conversations start feeling normal. It is only when you step away that you notice just how bizarre this field can be.

So I found myself a bit tired after work. First off, I've been sleeping in--so getting up before sunrise was difficult. Secondly, being on my feet most of the day was a bit tough on my sore toes.

So down to St. Helena after work to walk in my favorite vineyard. The mustard is nearly waist high in the Napa Valley. It is raining, but it is a warm rain. Aromatic.

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