Sunday, February 7, 2010

Day #38: On my Bike...

A new phase.

After work I got on my Bianchi hybrid bicycle and headed down the hill from the hospital. It has been a few years since I used to commute to work on this thing. The bike seems to be working fine; it was tuned up well by the Oroville bike people.

In fact, it seems much too fast. Ian is right: biking is fast! The world spins by quicker than what I can process in my brain. I feel exposed. Vulnerable. I gingerly apply the brakes down the hill. These are new tires and I'm not used to them yet. Go slow Allan.

Traffic in the Napa Valley is busy today. And I am a wee, little bike sharing Highway 29 with people who have been wine tasting all afternoon---and are now on their way in their Lexxus, BMW's and Jaguars (all with much too much horsepower) to watch the Super Bowl. Chances are I'm the only person on the road who isn't liquored up. (I will remedy this soon.)

I arrive at the Library a bit sweaty, safe and happy.

Can a walking blog include bike trips? Yes! This blog is about getting outside under your own human power. Crawl, walk, use a wheelchair, ride a bike--it is all the same. Just get outside!

And so now I will get back on my bike, ride a few miles out of town to the Silverado Brewery, order some fresh rock salt broiled Dungeness crab and a beer (organic micro brew) and watch the end of the Super Bowl. Then back on the bike and up the hill to the hospital and the Monastic Dorm.

A new phase has begun! Now we start to train for the Wildflower 65!


Ian Woofenden said...

Hey Allan,

Glad you're on your bike. What's a "hybrid" in this case?

My safety recommendations include a bright blinking red light behind you and a mirror! Cars are the enemy. ;-)



for some great safety info.

I figure I need to do about ten miles before I deserve an ice cream bar. I think it's farther for alcohol... ;-)

I am enjoying logging my trips at:

My nephew helped me with the formulae. 73-1/2 miles this week. Won't be much next week, since I'll be on the road and in the snowy east. But we'll see.

I like the gathering of the info on the Google doc, but miss posting here, so I still will on occasion...



Allan Stellar said...

Hi Ian,

I do miss your posts about your rides.

I call my bike a "hybrid" cause it is good for gravel and blacktop roads. Not quite a mountain bike and not quite a touring bike. I'll post a photo when I get home.

I have one of those blinking red lights on the tail of the bike. And a decent light on the front. Yes, cars are the enemy...

As for mileage and treats? I've never been one for rules... :)