Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day 59: Jazzy's Rite of Passage!

Okay, forget the first day of school, the first Communion, the first solid food, the first step, the first note sent to a member of the opposite sex--around here the best rite of passage is riding your bike for the first time on the Long Loop with Allan.

Jazmine has been asking to do this for a year. Today, I gave her the opportunity..
Angel has many faults. She is too enthusiastic around strangers. She thinks bears, skunks and mountain lions are her friends. She jumps on us.

But she does have one good attribute: she has a super duper attachment to the girls. This was her job given to her when we picked her out as a little puppy. We wanted a big dog to guard over the girls. Hence her name: Angel. As in Guardian Angel. She takes her job seriously--especially when the girls are riding their bikes or visiting neighbors.

Jazmine's big day. How will she do?

The Long Loop is someplace around three miles in length with two monstrous hills.

Teaching the next generation of Trespassers!

Exercising the girls Right to Roam!

Jazmine passes the first test: climbing a closed fence...

And rock barriers are a breeze for the girls...

The rule is that you can push your bike up the monster hills. However, If I assist them--the Rite of Passage doesn't count.

Kylie found this beautiful mushroom. She wants me to let Readers know that her foot is a SIZE SEVEN in WOMEN'S SHOES. Okay, I wrote that Kylie. No one will think you have little girls feet...

In the end, Jazmine completed the Rite of Passage. She didn't whine. She dug deep and completed the Long Loop. She is quite proud of herself!

In fact, I whined much more on the recent backpacking trip to Costa Rica than Jazmine did completing the Long Loop. A brave girl! Congratulations are in order!!!!

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OmShanti said...

Hahaha! Yay! Go Jazzy! and yes Kylie, you are offically a Bigfoot, congrats! just kidding, what a beautiful day, love you all...