Monday, February 8, 2010

Day #39: Mustard...

I survived my first bike ride last night. I had a great dinner of Crab, a caramel dessert and three glasses of Sauvignon Blanc; had an interesting conversation with another gentleman who rode his bike to the bar--and I then rode home in the dark.

Work today. A draining day. Not all clients on a mental health unit are psychotic. The problems of clients run the gamut: some are depressed; some are in intolerable situations they cannot handle; some are anxious; some are manic; some are psychotic. You have to change gears quickly and use different skills to deal with this eclectic population. You need to have both wisdom and empathy. You have to know when to talk and when to shut up. You need to know when to educate and when to medicate.

That's partly why I enjoy it: it is always varied and interesting.

I am convinced that not one of us is immune from ending up on a Mental Health unit. That is why we need them---cause anyone of us could end up there. If you don't think you would ever end up on one---just have someone sleep deprive you for three or four days. Get no sleep and watch yourself slide into psychosis.

The rain returned just as I got off work. Down to my favorite vineyard for a restorative walk. I wish I would have remembered my camera, because I have never seen the Mustard as tall as it is this spring. Beautiful!


Woodswalker said...

Spring?! Did you say SPRING?!! Ah yes, you live in California! It's still below zero at night out here in northern NY.

Yes, I remember sliding into psychosis, 4 kids under 7, new baby, no sleep day or night. But everyone expects you to just carry on.

Thanks for the kind and caring work you do.

Allan Stellar said...

Thanks woods...

Hope spring comes soon to your neighborhood... :)