Monday, February 15, 2010

Day #46: Schedule It!

On my feet today. I did the short loop with Angel.

It is the nicest day of the year thus far! Temperature in the low 60's. Sunny. I put on my shorts and a new John Lennon "Imagine Peace" t-shirt. I bought the t-shirt at Target a couple weeks ago; somehow, it just doesn't seem right to buy Beatles paraphernalia at Target.

February has been a month of perusing hiking/backpacking books. Dreaming of the hikes to come. I came across a kernel of wisdom from one of the Authors in one of the books (can't remember which book right now).

The Author was asked: "How do you manage to take 200 hikes in a year?". His reply was simple: "I schedule it".

He states that if you schedule hikes (like we schedule everything else in our lives: work, dentist appointments, ballet classes or whatever) then you will actually do them. He recommends scheduling outings with friends--that way you can't back out of them.

Which is why I must travel to Napa today (on a day I would rather be outside than in the inside of a car). I scheduled a hike in Napa with a couple of friends. We are going to do a hike in a preserve that overlooks San Pablo Bay tomorrow. So I will drive down to R's house today, have a barbecue and sleep on his couch tonight.

Is there anything more enjoyable than taking a hike with friends? Drop me an e-mail. Let's schedule a hike together.

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Dragonfish said...

I know! What is that strange golden orb in the sky? heehee...absolutely beautiful day, everything just seems better somehow when the sun is shining...have a great hike!