Thursday, February 18, 2010

Days: #48 and #49: Nature Nerds and the Age 50 Transition...

Did the Short Loop yesterday, and again this morning. Taking it easy after a more strenuous hike on Tuesday. My legs feel strong.

Several of my friends are turning fifty. As such, we've been talking about "bucket lists". Nature Nerds get a little weird around the age of fifty. Out of storage come the hiking boots, guide books and dreams of taking that long hike you have always dreamed of taking. There is an increasing urgency as we notice the natural physical decline involved in aging. It is now or never.

We don't want it to be never.

My friend Patrick wrote me the other day (who turns fifty soon)--sending along his "bucket list". Hiking the Grand Canyon made his list. And Larry (who drops into this site once and awhile) just started a blog about his Age Fifty Transition. His bucket list involves lots of hikes and outdoor pursuits. He calls the blog "In Search of Birkyness" with grand plans of cross country skiing, riding his bike 100 miles and hiking the John Muir Trail. Larry turns fifty on Saturday. Give his new webstie a look-see.

Nature Nerds have an easier and healthier Age Fifty Transition. They lose weight. Stop some of their bad habits. Eat more vegetables and attempt to get more sleep. They stop worrying quite so much about their careers. Nature Nerds in the Age Fifty Transition are less likely to buy that Sports Car or trade in their spouses for that one last fling with a Twenty Something.

Nature Nerds who turn fifty have other dreams. They want to get to Everest's base camp or some other high mountain pass in Nepal. They get on their bikes and ride across the country. They lose the fog of inactivity and move!

Look for us Age Fifty Transition Males on a hiking trail this summer. You'll see us with our graying hair, brand new nylon pants; turning blue from panting with gigantic smiles on our faces.


Jackijo said...

I hadn't heard the words Nature Nerd before, but that's what I have been calling myself the last few years since I turned, yes 50!

Ok, it started when I turned 40 and the hills were alive with wildflowers. It seemed like I there was never time to get out there and explore. And I was afraid to hike by myself. One day on my way home from some errand,I just stopped the car and went hiking by myself. I fought my fear, strange as it may seem, and went alone. Over the next few years I began to learn the names of the flowers, then the regular desert plants, and now the birds. Somehow learning about them, has made me more comfortable and less fearful to hike alone.

Tim Koppenhaver said...

I'm 5 years away from that landmark age and think about it's imminence more and more. But it's not yet stirring mid-life crisis angst. In my younger days, I used to think my life would not be complete until I knocked out some grand adventure like floating the Colorado or hiking the AT. Now though, older, softer, and WISER, I'm content pursuing lesser adventures. Instead of pedaling across America, I'd be content hoping in my car and driving across instead.

lph said...

Nature nerds: this post had me laughing and smiling throughout. Yes it is not a mid-life crisis (I'm beyond mid-life), but some type of soul crisis.

I definitely living a bit healthier, haved gained some stamina, but still don't eat as many vegetables as I should. But when I do, I'm smiling:)

And thanks for the shout out!