Friday, February 12, 2010

Day #43: The Cove (a must-see documentary!)

My turnaround spot...on the way up Sawmill Peak...

Last night Joni brought home an excellent (but very disturbing) documentary. The Cove is about the dolphin slaughter in Japan, where 23,000 dolphins are murdered every year. For no good reason. The documentary is very graphic--and involved some high tech Trespassing to obtain footage that is very difficult to watch. I highly recommend this movie.

One of the lines in the film is memorable: "You are either an Activist or an Inactivist". True. And after watching the film, here are some easy things that can be done to end this abhorrent slaughter of dolphins.

If the Japanese dolphins are saved and this barbaric practice is ended, we will have the courageous, illegal, direct action of this film crew to thank. And much of the story revolves around their creative hijinks to pull this feat off. They have my admiration!

This movie has been on my mind since seeing it last night. The dramatic footage within this movie is a sentinel event. It is akin to the footage of the journalist being shot in Nicaragua in 1979 which turned public opinion against the Somoza regime and against American intervention in Nicaragua.

Rain today. Sawmill Peak is around six or seven miles away reached by some Jeep roads. My goal is to be able to ride the 2,000 foot ascent on these bumpity logging roads to reach the Fire Lookout at it's summit. From the Lookout, a network of roads descend down the canyon, and then up the other side--to the towns of Magalia and Paradise.

This ride should get me in shape. And when I can ride this thing, I will be ready for the Wildflower 65.

Today I rode up the road until my hands got cold. I didn't wear gloves. I then turned around and rode back to our cabin. This is a good workout...

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