Thursday, February 11, 2010

Days #40, #41 and #42: Home to Concow...

I haven't set my butt down to write for a couple of days. Time to catch up.

On day #40, I drove home in the evening across the Sacramento Valley where elk, eagles, and hawks guided my little car. It is spring in the Valley, which means that large winged creatures are passing through. Spotting an eagle is easy this time of the year.

When I got home, Joni and I took a walk with our new headlamps. Caught up on this and that while walking in the dark.

Day #41 was my lounge around the house day; recovering from work. Just a couple of short neighborhood walks with Angel the dog.

Today (day #42) I tried to train Angel how to run next to me as I rode my bike. Did the long loop with dog in tow. By Angel standards, she did okay; she only stopped to "sniff, drop and roll" once. It is cloudy, but the air temperature is warmer. Not raining today (but threatening to). I saw my first robin a month ago.

As for biking, this is much more aerobic than going out for a gentle daily stroll. Especially with hills in all directions around our little cabin. I look forward to extending my roaming range. Get to know more of this wilderness community.

Joni thought she heard some Trumpeter swans the other day---flying high in the sky overhead. Reminds me of Jack Turner's excellent description of Trumpeters in Teewinot (with thanks to Greentangle for turning me on to this writer). Jack was on top of a mountain with Trumpeters flying overhead. He estimated they were flying at 25,000 feet.


Ian Woofenden said...

Yeah -- I'm not sure how people get in shape walking, Allan. ;-) Biking puts you up against it, especially if you decide to push the hills.

I got to do a couple of good rides here in Maine, but fear that I'll get my aerobic exercise in Pennsylvania this weekend shoveling snow instead of biking. ;-)

greentangle said...

Sooo, have you read The Abstract Wild yet, the book I actually recommended? ;-)

Allan Stellar said...

Guilty Greentangle. I've had a hard time securing a copy of The Abstract Wild. It isn't available from my local library...and our book budget has gone the way of the dinosaur.

I look forward to reading it someday...