Friday, February 26, 2010

Day #57: Manzanita

Angel and I did the three mile loop in the rain and sleet today.

Manzanita are most beautiful in the rain. The wet bark shows off it's beauiful deep red color. I've read there are some 60 varieties of Manzanita. I have no clue what variety this tree is. I do know this gnarly tree is old; takes forever for these things to grow. The wood burns hot and we've been warned not to use it in our wood stove (when we finally get the thing operational). Evidently the hot burning Manzanita can crack your stove.

We are on the cusp on this Ridge between the more Savannahish Foothills and the beginnings of the Ponderosa forest. Above us we have forest; below us the hot parched Savannah.

Thunder as I type this! A thunderstorm! Those are rare here in the Foothills. Reminds me that I don't have the Internet Satellite Dish grounded...

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