Sunday, August 9, 2009

Walk #219: Highway 50 Across Nevada...

A driving day. With walks to stretch my legs. Started out in Green Valley, Utah. There are two ways across Nevada: Interstate 80 (boring corporate yuckiness!) and Highway 50.

Most travelers take I-80. That is fine with me. Taking Highway 50 (the loneliest road in the US) is one of the most wild and glorious routes a person can travel. I prefer to keep it to myself. Okay, go ahead---travel it some day.

An example of the water wars in the west:

There are exactly four towns across the 400 mile route: Ely, Eureka, Austin and Fallon. This is Eureka.

And this is what the views are like. There is a place along the route where you can admire 10,000 year old pictographs!!


Tim Koppenhaver said...

Rt 50 cuts right through my town in Virginia. I grew up in Maryland in a town where Rt 50 was nearby. And if I ever plan a meandering cross country journey, it'll be by following Rt 50.

Ian Woofenden said...

I would love to do 50 across the country on a bicycle... ;-)

Today I rode my nephew's recumbent trike 4 miles -- didn't have much time.

Then at my folks' house in central Maine, I walked the rural roads for a couple of hours under the stars after a downpour, talking with friends and family on the phone.

I do have a bike to borrow here, and look forward to using it tomorrow.

Allan Stellar said...


I agree, route 50 is the best way across the country.


Highway 50 by bike? Bring lots and lots of water for the Nevada portion (100 miles between towns). But what a story that would be. Actually, I think Hwy 2 (up in your neck of the woods) would be fun by bike too.

Those are dream bike trips that I hope I have the time, money and energy to do sometime (and that Joni will let me do it).