Monday, August 10, 2009

Walk #221: Am I Ever Gonna Get Out of This Car?

A morning walk with my dog and then off to Napa in the new Yaris (that is getting quite a few miles on it lately).

My mission? To bring the certified documents from my Colorado trip to our lawyer. I have been guarding these documents like they were more important than the Magna Carta. And they are. I met with the lawyer for an hour--as we reviewed lie after lie. The documents will be submitted to the court on Wednesday...when this whole matter should be ended--and the Guardianship continued.

After meeting with our excellent lawyer, I took a walk around St. Helena. Still somewhat fearful (and amazed) at the events of the last week. I'd say I'm happy about it, however, it is always sad to see a parent fail.

Work has been kind to me. They gave me the time off with their blessings. In return, I will be working here in the Napa Valley for the rest of the week. I get to put on my Socialist Social Worker hat...

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Ian Woofenden said...

No documents to carry, but I did a 7-mile loop today here in coastal Maine on my little brother's bike.