Monday, August 31, 2009

Walk #242: Day of the Coyotes

Early this morning, sitting outside in my camp chair drinking some liquid ambition, a coyote wandered up the road above. I called to Joni, who came outside the cabin in time to see him complete his jaunt up this road. He looked at me and didn't change direction or bolt away when we made eye contact. In fact, it felt like he was checking me out as much as I was checking him out.

Again, around six pm tonight, I was walking near the spot where this photo was taken, when two coyotes wandered up the road. One headed towards the house, and got to the black cistern (in the photo) before my yells made it wander away. He wandered off as if my yells were "only kidding". Took his time.

The other coyote joined him and I watched the two young juveniles playing tag as they scampered out of view.

I think our domestic livestock situation as been noticed by the local wildlife. Especially the young "cheeps" of our chicks. Where there are "cheeps"--dinner is to be found.

I took a short Lollipop walk because Joni is at a meeting and I didn't want to be gone long from our rabbits, chickens and cat. Not with playful, not skittish-at-all, hungry coyotes lurking about.

By the way, manzanita does work to treat poison oak (see my other blog from yesterday). Kylie said that when we put the tea on her skin, the bubbly ulcers didn't itch anymore. It helped her get to sleep.

And other wildlife notes, Joni came across a large rattlesnake lying across the road two days ago. She was driving, the snake was in the road, and she swerved around it. She let the snake live.


Ian Woofenden said...

Rode the long loop today, pushing. Stopped at the fire hall to reboot the modems. Stopped in the valley to pick blackberries. Rode a bit extra on the driveway to get the numbers almost to match...

11.01 miles
11.00 mph average
33.07 mph max

Jackijo said...

Yes, you will have to watch those chicks very closely. After all the Coyotes and the Rattlesnakes are just trying to survive in their own world. Thank you for letting the snake live. But if he keeps trying to warm up on the road, I am sure he won't have a long life.

Allan Stellar said...


We shall watch those chicks very closely. And our cat. But if some critter sneaks in and gets a free meal, that is my fault and not the predator's. Some of our neighbors have surrounded their properties with high fences. I disagree with that; fence what you need...but don't overdo it. The critters have the right to roam too...