Sunday, August 23, 2009

Walk #234: The Death of the Kodak...

Up at five in the morning. Drive the twenty five miles to the hospital and work all day. I had slept well under the stars, but I guess I didn't really know how tired I was. Up to the Monastic Dorm after work and fell sound asleep for a couple of hours.

I crave quietness. So I took a nice relaxed walk in a local vineyard. The light was perfect with the sun going down. This vineyard is one of the older ones, with huge gnarled grape plants. Zinfandel, I think.

I take out the trusty Kodak, only to discover it won't take a picture. I've been having some problems with it. I dropped it in quite a bit of dust last week, and the thing just hasn't worked right since.

Oh well. It has lasted over a year. I have carried it all over the place. It has been spilled on. Dropped multiple times. It has shared a daypack with soggy peaches and melted Snickers bars. It has been rained on and dropped in the dust. I can't say the photos are excellent, but that isn't what I'm looking for. All I'm looking for is a way to express some of the experience I am having.

Farewell trusty Kodak! You performed wonderfully for a Charley Brown Christmas Tree type camera. I think I'll purchase your cousin next...

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