Monday, August 17, 2009

Walk #228: Abundance?

Joni attached the wild turkey feather I found yesterday to my walking stick. Joni (who, having lived in Cocaine soaked Boulder, Colorado during the 80's--studying with the Sun Bear tribe and partying at Stephen Stills house) told me that wild turkey feathers signify abundance.

Abundance! I like that. As long as the abundance stays away from my mid-section and is focused more on my checkbook.

So I took my turkey feather adorned walking stick on three short walks today. I wanted them (the walks) to be longer, but my walking companion (my yellow lab) didn't want to go very far. Angel was much more concerned with all the visiting neighbor kids we had hanging about the place. She didn't want to walk.

And the Fat Lady Sang today. The Robed Stranger made his ruling regarding Jazzy and Kylie. They shall be with us for quite some time. We got more than we wanted.


Joni starts a new job tomorrow (abundance?). To celebrate, I'm gonna spend her wages and take the girls to Mt. Lassen. Plans are for these 8 and 9 year old girl humans who live with me to bag their first peak. About time....