Monday, August 3, 2009

Walks #211,212, 213: Grindstone...

I am, by nature, a lazy person. Ambition doesn't come naturally to me. So working 88 hours in one week was quite a departure from my normal slothful state.

Walks, you say? Just back up to the Monastic Dorm after 16 1/2 hours on the locked unit. They count. So does the casino walk.

Drove back home last night and stopped to walk around the Colusa Casino. Stretching my legs after working a double back, single day shift. Casinos are the last place in California where indoor smoking is allowed. The place was packed. Second hand smoke stinking up the joint. I must admit, as a person who has wrestled with a nicotine addiction in the past, I enjoyed taking deep drafts of the second hand smokey air. It is the next best thing to actually taking a drag.

I dropped some cash into a one armed bandit: lost six bucks.

Onward to Oroville to buy a special bottle of wine, some french brie and fancy crackers. Shared the bottle (a 2006 Cab) with Joni when I got home--as we watched the stars come out on our three acre ranch. Bliss.


lph said...


Upon your recommendation I have bought and consumed a couple of bottles of 2006 Napa Valley Cab Sav.

I have come to really enjoy my Chilean wines, but I agree with you that 2006 Napa Valley Cab Savs are quite good.

Enjoy your down time.

Walk on(ward)!


Allan Stellar said...

Hi Larry,

Glad you liked the wine. I haven't read about it elsewhere, but the 2006 vintage does seem to be uncannily good. Part of the blessing of the recession is that the prices are coming down. I had a nice Merryvale Starmont 2006 last night that I bought for $17. Other premium wines I've seen are dropping about $20 a bottle.



Ian Woofenden said...

Back on the bike today, in Paonia, Colorado teaching a wind workshop. Didn't get to ride in Estes Park, where I spent the weekend with my daughters, but had some walks.

Google maps on my iPhone says I did 9.7 miles today. Nice biking country.