Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Walk #229: Slow...

Didn't make it to Mt. Lassen today. The website said the trail to the peak is closed due to an "accident". It shall be closed the rest of the year.

Plan B was to hike to Feather Falls, the sixth tallest falls in the United States. However, on the way there I couldn't remember if I shut off a pump at home. Turn around. Go check it. It was off.

So with time running out today, I took the girls to the pool. Fine with them.

I took the lollipop walk with my dog. This is the sign we have for the barely hourly traffic we have by our place. Slow! I'm all for going slow. Slow but steady wins the race...


Ian Woofenden said...

No ride for me today, just walking through airports -- Portland, Maine; Dulles, Washington, DC; Seattle.

Left my folks' place in Maine at 12:30 AM Pacific, and arrived home at about 3:30 PM Pacific. Now to bed.

Ian Woofenden said...

Back on the island; back on my own bike

7.80 miles
9.12 mph average
29.51 mph max

Didn't do the full loop because I was on the phone, and doubled back before the dead spot on the west side.

Met a one-armed woman on a recumbent trike.

dyana said...

Its really true slow but steady wins the race

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