Sunday, August 23, 2009

Walk #233: Whole Paycheck...

After work, down to the city of Napa and to Whole Foods (or "Whole Paycheck" as a friend calls it). The occasion? Yet another barbecue. I park far away in the parking lot, thinking this might be my only opportunity to walk today (besides what I did at work already).

I was right.

This summer, my friends and I have mastered the art of barbecuing. We just announce "a barbecue at so and so's" house---and in Zen fashion, everything comes together. Last night it was steaks, rock cod and tri-tip. Appetizers of decent cheese and (of course) wine. Much laughter.

These barbecues have been fun for us this summer. Work colleagues (or former colleagues) mostly attend. It gets a little rowdy at times, but no police have been summoned to them yet. No arrests.

After the barbecue, I throw my sleeping bag down in R.O.'s backyard. Hunter brings his bag too, and joins my little sleep out. Two grown men, in their late forties, enjoying watching the stars. Hunter tells me that he hadn't slept under the stars for twenty five years before we started doing this after our barbecues.

Twenty five years without sleeping under the stars? How sad...

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