Friday, August 14, 2009

Walk #224: Intentions, Following and Goodness.

This wasn't a walk; it is more a philosophy. Sometimes our walks happen without our feet touching the ground. Walking as metaphor. Metaphysical.

On a day when I finished up work and dropped off a hefty sum to our smiley faced lawyer--I then drove back to our home. Our Solar Homestead. The Farm. Our Valhalla. The Compound.

Intentions and Hope. I think back to finding that medallion a few weeks ago. I gave the medallion to Joni, as it seemed it was more for her than for me. From that moment, in the midst of horrible adversity, we set our intention: to do what was right.

The Universe conspired to help. Suddenly I found myself being asked to work extra double shifts. Money flowed in. We stood firm when Judges and three pissed off lawyers wanted us to settle. We stood firm when we were told that we were going to lose. We were belittled. Our lawyer was accused of being too attached to her clients. Joni was accused of being enmeshed with her Grandchildren.

The medallion spoke to Joni at such times: "Settle in", it said. "Take the long haul". So she did.

Not all times in our lives are such things so magically clear. This certainly wasn't the case for us over the last six weeks or so. But our intentions were clear: Do the right thing.

So this wasn't a walk. It was about walking the walk. To follow your own intentions. To live purposely even when the Herd snorts otherwise. About being foolhardily resolute to do that which is right.

Finally, I am back home with a week off to rest and recover. To take walks without quite so much stress. To enjoy.

Intentions. Make them clear and good--and always follow them. As Larry wrote to me, "Trust Goodness". Amen.

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